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Friday, May 16, 2008


BORN: May 14- 1970
Los Angeles, California

She says her childhood was not a happy one.
She says she was not pretty when she was growing up. She was raised by foster family. At age 1 she started in TV and
movies. By age 13yrs she had been in 16 movies and TV series. When she was only 6yrs she played in the movie "SYBIL"
age 13years old , she says she was fat, pimply, ugly kid and just wanted to be like other 13year old kids. She wanted a Mohawk,dye my hair, pierce everything.
they wouldn't ever let you get a tan in the summer for movies so I quit making them.

I was kicked out of the foster home and ended living on the streets in Venice, California. At 14 it wasn't easy to find a safe place to sleep. I called home several times
but my foster mother wouldn't let me come back. So then I continued to live on the streets. I lived in an old brick building (THE ELLISON) with working gigolos, drug addicts,

Many WEB SITES are devoted to Ryan. Being computer illiterate she hasn't seen them. Even her daughter said something to her about the different WEB SITES for she has seen them.

Her daughter's father lives in Santa Fe and her daughter lives most of the time. She is embarrassed living in a hippie shack(HER MOTHERS PLACE) and bringing her friends there.

Castaways on Gillian Island: little girl 1979 (TV MOVIE)
Boulevard Heights: little girl 1979
The Pirate: Anal age 11 1978 (TV MOVIE)
Future Cop: Robin Loren 1978
King of the Spiders: Linda Hanson 1977
Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night: Mary Jane Harper 1977 (TV MOVIE)
Good Against Evil: Cindy Isle 1977 (TV MOVIE)
Fatso: Dom Delouse 1980
Star Wars1 Phantom Menace 1999
Going Berserk: Kitten Anderson 1983 (starred with John Candy)
Marciano : Mary Ann Marciano 1979 (TV MOVIE)
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader 2: Hannah 1980 (TV MOVIE)
Last Word: Ellie Travis 1980

Sybil: November- 1976:
She played young Sybil . Her performance helped illustrate how child is used. Could be the root
for later mental illness.
Sally Field won an Emmy for portrayal of Sybil in the older years, in 1977.

Amity ville of Horror: Amy She had an imaginary friend named "Joey". When the babysitter gets locked in the closet, she told
them Joey did it and wouldn't let her open the door. 1979

The Entity: Julie About a woman being tormented and sexual molested by invisible demons. 1982.

Eight is Enough: 1978
Lou Grant: Felicia 1977
Delphic: Gina as a child 1977
Here's Boomer: Molly 1980
Sex and Single Parent: Kerry 1979
Ladies Man: Amy Thackeray 1980
Star sky and Hutch:Carly The Las Vegas Strangler Sept. 1976 episodes
(Lynda Carter played her mom. She was suppose to walk out and get the mail and bring it to her mother.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Ex Hope Brady #3
1975- 1980


Hope was a flower girl when her dad married Julie who is her 1/2 sister 1976.
Doug and Hope had a very special bond. Doug raised her for the most part by himself.
When Hope got into her teens she rebelled because of the leading ladies.
1979 anniversary party Mickey Martin who played Dougie was there with Hope. Dougie at
This time was the youngest on the show.
HOPE: always a part of the Horton parties.
Doug would always make sure that she had a turn singing while they all sang "Always"
To Tom/Alice.

NOMINATED;Young Artist Best Young Comedienne_motion picture or TV: 1980
NOMINATED: Young Artist Best Young Comedienne- motion picture of TV: 1982
NOMINATED: Best Young Actress in a TV series: Here's Boomer 1980
NOMINATED: Best Young Actress in a TV series: Here's Boomer 1981
NOMINATED: Best Juvenile Actress in Daytime Series: Days of our Lives 1980

She played Hope Alice Horton (BRADY) for 5 years.
By 1980 Natasha was ready to move on to other things.
JOBS: blowing glass, working silver and leather, coaching in a gym.

She left California 14 years ago. Was on my way to Canada . I wanted to stop in 3 places, Santa Fe. I liked it so I stayed for awhile. Went to Wisconsin but stayed in Santa Fe when she was 23 years old.


At 38 she lives atop of a mountain in a cabin with no running water of electricity. The way she found her land was this. She was teaching her daughter and friend s to drive. They went up this steep hill and at the top there was land for sale, so she got it.
She now works in construction. Her and the crew do solar construction, plastering, and anything else that has to be done. She saves every red cent to her daughter's education. Right now her daughter Sienna goes to Desert Academy. Her passion is acting too.
She got a Russian turtle as a gift. Its 6 months old and needs a climate in the 90 degree range.
Because of this little guy, he got her to become like society. She said she was ready to take a shower in her own home.

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